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Acid-free mountboard for improved conservation

Do you need more than just pH neutral protection for your photographs or artwork that you get with standard mountboard and white core mountboard? Then choose acid-free mountboard. The core is made from alpha cellulose board and offers your customers the ultimate conservation and storage standards. Time will therefore no longer damage your photographs or artwork.

Acid-free mountboard with white or coloured core

Be creative with your mountboard: for example, why not opt for a coloured core. The Peterboro Matboards range also offers 100% fade resistant colours based on pigments - without optical brighteners, made only with natural whiteners. Mountboard from Royal Moorman Karton is available per sheet. All colours from Moorman and Peterboro are available per sheet. Ask Cami for more information.

Order your acid-free mountboard now

Conservation framing is done with acid-free mountboard. Order from Cami now and choose from our three leading brands: Royal Moorman Karton, Peterboro Matboards and Hampton Matboards. Or opt straightaway for layered museumboard: the best possible protection for the long-term storage of your artwork.

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