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TruVue picture glass: your wafer-thin protection layer

TruVue picture glass is wafer thin: 2.5 to 3 mm. Your customers can view their framed photographs and artwork with amazing clarity because TruVue's anti-reflective picture glass prevents unwanted glare and enhances the colours.

TruVue picture glass protects against harmful UV rays 

The American TruVue is the inventor of UV-protective picture glass. What an invention! Because ultraviolet light changes the structure of paper and discolours all photographs and artwork. TruVue's UV-protective picture glass drastically slows down the ageing and discolouration process: it blocks an amazing 97% of the most harmful UV rays! Standard glass only blocks 40% and anti-reflective glass 60%.

TruVue picture glass: a lot of protection for a small price 

Thanks to TruVue's Pricing-for-Profit philosophy, your customers only pay a minimum extra amount for a maximum in protection against UV rays. With TruVue picture glass, first-class protection is very inexpensive. Unique in Belgium and Luxembourg!

Order your TruVue picture glass, as per 2 sheets 

There's no more need to keep large stocks of picture glass with the associated risks of damage. You can order TruVue's UV-protective picture glass from as little as two sheets or even cut to size. And with our handy weekly delivery service, you'll have total peace of mind. Place your order now.

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