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Distributor for picture framers


Frame Factory

Conservation, restoration and archival

All products in one comprehensive catalogue 

Over 200 pages of products, tools and machines for professionals:

  • acid-free archive boxes and folders

  • polyester pockets in various sizes and formats, and welding machines

  • paper: 100% cotton, Japanese, hand-made

  • specialty papers: blotting paper, Tyvek, Sympatex

  • cardboard: solid centre and corrugated board, museumboard, mountboard, foamboard, honeycomb board

  • glass & acrylic: anti-reflective and/or UV-protective

  • Plastazote and Ethafoam

  • adhesives and tapes for various applications

  • pencils, pens, brushes, photo corners, labels, ...

  • book supports 

  • cutters, scissors, thermocutters

  • humidifiers, dehumidifiers, measuring tools

  • ConserVac and Muntz museum vacuum cleaners 

  • workshop lighting, magnifiers 

  • drawer cabinets: standard or custom-made Planorama

  • glass display cases and drawers - entirely custom-made

Online price list available

Contact us for a password to access our online price list for all conservation products.

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