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Self-adhesive sandwich board

Self-adhesive sandwich board gives you the best of two worlds: a high quality synthetic core between two robust aluminium outer sheets. The result is an effective sandwich onto which your image is mounted. It ensures an ultra smooth and solid finish. It is therefore ideal for hanging your artwork and photographs on the wall simply but durably without frames or using the Cami Frame System.

Self-adhesive sandwich board - the best of its kind 

The best in self-adhesive boards? A self-adhesive sandwich board from Camibond. It ensures your customers the best finish and a long lasting result. Are you looking for self-adhesive board for a temporary application or a budget-friendly storage solution? Then opt instead for another type of self-adhesive board:

Order your Camibond self-adhesive sandwich board now 

Give valuable photographs and exceptional artwork the robust support they deserve with a self-adhesive sandwich board from Camibond. This will ensure your customers that their work is and will remain displayed at its best. And they can simply hang them on the wall to the fullest effect. Or you can frame them expertly using a unique framing profile with accompanying hanging rail: Cami System. Place your custom order now  and rely on our delivery service for a punctual delivery. Urgent order? Then use our 24-hour courier service.

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