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Backing board: rigidity for your picture frame

Backing board is the strengthened back of your finished frame. It protects your customers' photographs or artwork and keeps them firmly in place. Order your backing board from Cami - a leading supplier for the framing industry in Belgium and Luxembourg. We offer an exceptional range of mouldings, mountboards and picture glass. And all the machinery and materials required by professional picture framers.

Choose the right backing board for your application 

Wedding photographs, frames for a particular event, frames for a museum? Be sure to choose the right kind of backing board to suit your application. Cami offers four types of backing board:

  • MDF: sturdy, low cost backing board for temporary applications

  • Frameboard: stable and strong backing board that is easier to cut than MDF

  • foamboard: very strong and featherlight backing board

  • corrugated board: pH neutral backing board ideal for the conservation of photographs and artwork

  • museumboard: acid-free and chlorine-free backing board for optimum conservation

Order backing board sheets - up to 140 cm x 300 cm 

Order your backing board now. Choose large or small sheets and cut them to the size of your frames. Our delivery service delivers weekly to your door in Belgium and monthly to your Luxembourg outlet. Urgent delivery? Use our 24-hour courier service. Contact us now.

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