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Anti-reflective glass or museum glass for invisible protection

Conventional glass distorts your natural perception by absorbing and reflecting light. The solution? Anti-reflective or museum glass. This shows artwork to the very best effect in its natural beauty, without distracting reflection! The protective picture glass itself is totally invisible! And anti-reflective and museum glass are also UV-protective. Harmful UV rays don't stand a chance: both paper and colours remain intact.

99% anti-reflective glass: UltraVue 

Conventional picture glass reflects 8% of light. UltraVue anti-reflective glass from the leading TruVue brand reflects just 1%! It gives you a smooth and totally transparent finish - without reflection, even from a distance. And UltraVue has a scratch-resistant coating to prevent scratches. The price of this high quality anti-reflective glass is also extremely competitive. Compare for yourself. 

Anti-reflective glass shows art at its best 

Enjoy every detail! Ensure that your customers' artwork can be viewed with optimum clarity to appreciate the colours and its full natural beauty. This means without distracting glare and reflection - from every perspective! Opt resolutely for anti-reflective glass. We'll deliver within the week, from stock. It makes no difference whether the order is large or small. Contact us now.

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