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Self-adhesive board

Self-adhesive board for a smooth and protected result 

Whether you're a picture framer or photographer, you want to ensure that your customers' work looks and remains smooth, flat and crease-free. This can be achieved. How? With our self-adhesive board you can strengthen your posters, photographs and other work. It forms a solid base for your frame and provides extra protection. You can even hang the work on the wall without a frame.

Self-adhesive board in your favourite material

At Cami, we have a full range of self-adhesive board - and a delivery
service. We have self-adhesive board to suit every need. You can choose
exactly the right board for your application. Our experts will then cut
it to size. You can choose from:

Easy to use self-adhesive board 

It couldn't be easier to use self-adhesive board, as the adhesive is pressure sensitive at room temperature. You can either use an electric laminator or press it down by hand. Just follow these guidelines:

  • Do not stick original artwork, valuable documents or limited editions onto self-adhesive board.

  • Work in a clean, grease and dust-free environment. Dust sticks to your work, and photographs and self-adhesive are susceptible to static electricity.

  • Leave your self-adhesive board and photograph or poster in the same work area for a while before mounting so that they have the same humidity and temperature. This prevents air bubbles and creasing. The recommended humidity is 55% to 60%. The ideal temperature is 20°C. Avoid extreme fluctuations in temperature.

  • Be careful with digital prints. Do a test before sticking them down. The paper is very dry and must therefore be in balance with the surroundings. 

  • Get to work with your self-adhesive board. As a test, pull back a corner of the release paper and position your photograph or poster. Caution: do not touch the self-adhesive layer. This reduces the adhesion strength. Then pull away the whole top edge and take one side of your photograph or poster and press down firmly and evenly. Work from the middle of the fastened edge. Use a laminator or a wide hand roller.

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