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White core mountboard with a pure white core

What's the difference between standard mountboard and white core mountboard? The latter has a pure white core that will not discolour. But it also has the same quality and pH neutral properties as standard mountboard. This is why white core mountboard is the ideal choice for temporary applications that have to meet high aesthetic standards.. 

Als white core-passe-partout-karton niet volstaat ... 

Do your customers' photographs or artwork need to be protected from the ravages of time? Do your customers dream of additional finishes, such as a coloured core? Then browse our other mountboard ranges:

Order your white core mountboard now 

Is white core mountboard just what you need for your frames? Then place your order with Cami now for white core mountboard from the Canadian Hampton Matboards. Your guarantee for outstanding quality at a competitive price. In addition, your white core mountboard meets the exacting FATG- and FACTS-standards.

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