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Acrylic looks like glass, but does not shatter

Plexiglas is very strong acrylic that is 50% lighter than glass and 11 times less likely to break. Furthermore, UV-protective acrylic filters out 99.7% of the harmful UV rays, and is easy to cut - with a Fletcher 3000/3100. for example. If you prefer ready-cut acrylic, then choose either 102 x 152 cm or 152 x 205 cm from stock.

Unique acrylic: the best alternative to museum glass!

The Rolls-Royce of picture glass is Optium Museum Acrylic. Because this acrylic offers all the benefits of Museum glass. it is 98.4% anti-reflective and blocks 99% of harmful UV rays. Visitors can admire your artwork to the full without distracting reflection. And paper and colours remain intact.

Acrylic for the conservation of oversized artwork 

And the additional benefits of this American chart-topper? Optium Museum Acrylic is anti-static and protects artwork with rough or textured surfaces. It is also 20 times more scratch-resistant than standard acrylic and 50% lighter than glass. It is therefore the perfect choice for oversized artwork. And of course, it is also much more break-resistant - not an unnecessary luxury when your customers frequently transport their artwork. You can choose from acrylic sheets of 122 x 244 cm or a custom-made option - up to 183 x 305 cm! It is also available in thicknesses of 4.5 mm and 6 mm, ideal for wall mounting and making display cases.

Acrylic for high quality display cases

Acrylic is also an excellent material for high quality display cases. Ask your Cami expert for more information. Make an appointment now and learn more about the advantages of acrylic. You'll be amazed!

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