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Frame Factory

Laminators & heated presses

Mounting or laminating equipment for the picture framing industry? Cami!

To mount, laminate or re-canvas posters, photographs or reproductions, you'll need a permanent cling film or pH neutral film, reusable cling film and an adhesive machine from Cami. You can choose from laminators, heated vacuum presses en heated mechanical presses. We are the exclusive distributor in Belgium and Luxembourg for Drytac and Hotpress (the vacuum press with transpoarent glass lid).

Laminators from Drytac

Drytac-laminators offer an excellent price-quality ratio. The JetMounter has high quality silicone rollers - ideal for cold mounting and laminating. It is electrically powered by way of a foot pedal for hands-free operation. The JetMounter 44 and 54 have unwind and rewind shafts to enable easy lamination of large quantities from the roll. The JetMounter 63 has a heated top roller that can also successfully laminate canvas.

Order your adhesive machine or press now

Our adhesive machines and presses ensure a smooth, even and durable result. Ask our Cami experts for advice. They can offer detailed information on our whole range of adhesive machines.

Also discover our range of saws & choppersV-nailerscutting equipment and matcutters.

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