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Distributor for picture framers


Frame Factory


Quality mountcutters and cutters 

Quality has a name. This is why Cami offers a range of framing machines from leading brands, such as Valiani, Alfamacchine, Fletcher, Bienfang, Drytac and Hot Press. Ask our experts for advice. And rely on our technical services for the professional installation and excellent servicing of your mountcutters or cutters.

Most extensive range of machinery for the professional framing industry 

Cami is your ideal supplier of framing machinery – whether you are a photographer, archivist, picture framer or museum worker. We deliver all types of machinery to cut, join and finish frames and their components, such as mouldingsmounts and picture glass, to produce high quality picture frames. And we guarantee a fast, efficient and reliable service. Choose your machinery now:

Order your cutter or mountcutter 

Your quality guarantee? Our machines are all CE approved. This means they meet all the stringent European safety standards. And, with a cutter or mountcutter from Cami, you can be certain of a perfect end result. Opt therefore for craftsmanship of the highest order. Make an appointment with our experts now.

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