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Frame Factory

Custom frames: exclusive to the framing industry

Do your customers order custom frames? But you don't saw or assemble them yourselves? Then why not let Cami do the work for you. Our chop service - exclusive to professional framers - can deliver your custom frame within 72 hours. The benefits for you? You don't need to invest in specialized machines, such as saws and underpinners. And you don't need to keep mouldings in stock.

Custom frame ordering: fast and simple 

How does our chop service work? Your customers provide the dimensions and select their favourite mouldings from the Cami collection - more than 1,400 to choose from. We cut the mouldings to the precise measurements in our factory in Ostend and join them expertly together - ready for delivery. If you combine your orders with your other Cami orders, we offer you free delivery for orders of €250 and above!

Single frames or stacked frames custom made: you choose! 

Cami cuts and joins single frames, made from one moulding. And we produce stacked frames, such as 'Marie-Louise' frames or original combination frames. The possibilities are endless. Let your creativity run wild. Contact us now for more info.

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