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Self-adhesive polystyrene

Self-adhesive polystyrene for moisture sensitive applications 

Damp is the arch enemy of posters, photographs, prints and other paper documents. So protect them with a layer of self-adhesive polystyrene. A worthwhile investment in peace of mind and durability. Because you avoid the dreaded clouding and bubbling effect of uneven surfaces. With self-adhesive polystyrene, the whole surface stays smooth- even in areas of higher humidity.

Self-adhesive polystyrene for an ultra smooth result 

Photographs benefit well from a strengthening layer of self-adhesive polystyrene. Certainly if your customers exhibit them for long periods of time or hang them up as permanent decoration. They have to continue to look brand new. Self-adhesive polystyrene is therefore a sound investment. Other applications? Choose the right self-adhesive board for the job:

Order your self-adhesive polystyrene now 

Mount photographs onto a protective layer of self-adhesive polystyrene. Your guarantee for a durable, smooth result. We'll cut your order to size and our delivery service guarantees a punctual delivery. No time to wait for the weekly, fixed delivery day Use our 24-hour courier service. Place your order now for self-adhesive polystyrene.

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