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Custom framing in Belgium & Luxembourg

FrameFactory (

  • "Every Memory deserves a Custom Made Frame"
  • consumer website 
  • useful information on picture framing & frames
  • links to professional picture framers in Belgium & Luxembourg

Cami suppliers

Alfamacchine (
   Italian manufacturer of machinery for the picture framer
Conservation By Design (
   English manufacturer of acid-free archival boxes, folders and products
Craft Inc. (
   American manufacturer of picture framing hardware
Drytac (
   English/Canadian manufacturer of products & machines for laminating & mounting
EC Mouldings (
   European distributor of environmentally friendly mouldings, made by E-Wood Moulding (Malaysia)
Fletcher-Terry Company (
   American manufacturer of glass cutting tools and mat cutters
Hampton Matboards (
   Canadian manufacturer of inexpensive matboard
Moorman Karton (
   Dutch manufacturer of matboard & museumboard
Peterboro Cardboards (
   Canadian manufacturer of matboard & museumboard
Stas (
   Dutch manufacturer of picture hanging systems
Stouls - CxD France (

   French manufacturer of archival boxes & distributor of products for conservation & archivation
TruVue (
   American manufacturer of conservation picture framing glass (anti-UV and reflection-free)
Valiani (
   Italian manufacturer of professional mountcutters
Wire & Cable Specialties (
   American manufacturer of picture wire

Colleagues & other links

Antons Mouldings (
   Australian distributor of picture framing products (Valiani, Alfamacchine, Brevetti, Peterboro)
E-Wood Moulding (
   Manufacturer of environmentally friendly picture frame mouldings (Malaysia) - partner of EC Mouldings
FATG - Fine Art Trade Guild (
   The guild of professional picture framers in Great-Britain - also organizer of the GCF-test
The Picture Framers Grumble (
   Interactive site for the professional picture framer (USA)  
PPFA - Professional Picture Framing Association (
   The American association of professional picture framers - organizer of the CPF-test

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