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Self-adhesive foamboard

Self-adhesive foamboard for large formats 

Self-adhesive foamboard is a little thicker than self-adhesive cardboard, but is featherlight. This is why it provides the perfect rigidity and support for large formats: posters, model building and presentation materials. Advise your customers to handle the foamboard with care to avoid damage to the edges.

Self-adhesive foamboard in various sizes 

Large-format mounting projects? Thanks to its extreme light weight, self-adhesive foamboard is your ideal choice. It also has a very smooth surface and is available in various thicknesses and sizes. Ask our experts for advice. Do your customers want something different? Choose from our wide range of self-adhesive board:

Order your self-adhesive foamboard now 

Strengthen large formats quickly and effectively with self-adhesive foamboard. We'll deliver your order right on time. Because our delivery service comes to your door on a fixed day every week. Urgent order? Use our 24-hour courier service. Place your order now for self-adhesive foamboard.

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