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UV-protective glass

UV-protective glass protects against discolouration 

UV light is harmful to framed artwork. It damages and discolours the picture. So protect your photographs, prints and artwork with UV-protective glass. This special UV-protective glass filters out 97% of harmful UV rays, compared with standard glass that only filters out 40% and anti-reflective glass 60%. And the result? Your picture has the maximum protection.

UV-glass keeps your paper in top condition 

With UV-glass, you can keep artwork and photographs in top condition. UV light damages the structure of paper and makes it brittle. UV-protective glass prevents this degradation. It ensures that your framed artwork remains fully intact. 

Order your UV-protective glass now 

Don't take any risks with valuable artwork. Opt for UV-protective glass and protect it from harmful UV light. Because discolouration and paper damage is disastrous for photographs and prints. For the very best protection, opt for special museum glass. This is both UV-protective and anti-reflective. Ask our experts for advice.

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