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Mounts: for perfect picture framing

Mounts are the icing on the cake when it comes to your picture framing. The mount is the cardboard surround that outlines your photo or artwork and makes it stand out to maximum effect. Cami can deliver a vast range of quality mountboards throughout Belgium and Luxembourg. You can choose from any of the following product lines:

Three leading brands of mountboard

Your quality guarantee? Cami is your exclusive distributor in Belgium and Luxembourg of three leading international brands of mountboard:

  • Royal Moorman Karton: this Dutch producer is the European market leader and offers three different types of mountboard in more than 600 colours, sizes and qualities. Furthermore, you can count on a fast delivery: your mountboard can be delivered straight from stock and even large quantities will be with you within a week.

  • Peterboro Matboards: this Canadian producer specializes in a select range of base colours with an excellent price-quality ratio. In addition, this mountboard meets the exacting quality standards of the FATG (Fine Art Trade Guild) and FACTS (Fine Art Care & Treatment Standards). These are the highest possible standards for mountboard and museumboard in the world. Peterboro also supplies museumboard, made from 100% cotton - the highest quality in museumboard.

  • Hampton Matboards: this second Canadian producer supplies excellent white core mountboard at highly competitive prices. And Hampton Matboards also work to FATG and FACTS standards.

Cami: mountboard for every budget

Order your favourite mountboard now and let our delivery services bring it swiftly to your door throughout Belgium and Luxembourg.

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