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Conservation & archival

Protecting valuable documents and photographs 

Whether you're a conservator or archivist, restorer or museum worker, your valuable documents photographs or artwork must be safeguarded from the ravages of time. Protect them from the damaging external effects with our comprehensive package of acid-free conservation and storage materials, such as mountboard, (chorine-free) museumboard, archive boxes, … Ideal for long-term protection.

Choose from our acid-free conservation and storage materials 

Cami is your ideal partner for archival, conservation and restoration. Here follows just some of what we offer:

  • acid-free archive boxes in all sizes and models

  • museum boxes - top quality with linen lining

  • archive folders, in Chronos paper, Mylar polyester, …

  • Japanese paper

  • acid-free mountboard

  • accessories, such as brushes, erasers and adhesives

  • specialized equipment, such as vacuum cleaners, measuring tools, humidifiers and dehumidifiers

  • furniture for museum storage and display

Consult the complete Conservation-catalogue.

Order your conservation or storage materials now 

Protect precious documents, photographs and artwork against air and light. Use acid-free storage materials from Cami for the preservation of your valuable documents and pictures. Make an appointment now with our experts.

Also discover:

  • our Tru Vue range: 

  • UV-protective glass and acrylic

  • our Moorman and Peterboro mountboard and museumboard

  • our Filmoplast and Lineco-tapes

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