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Eco-friendly mouldings? The E-Collection!

Sustainable forestry is a hot subject and essential for protecting our planet. Cami steps up to its responsibility with the E Collection. These eco-friendly frames and mouldings are made from certified durian wood from Malaysian orchards. Durian trees finish flowering after 30 years and are then cut down. For every tree felled, we plant a new one in its place. In this way, the Malaysian eco-system remains intact and we help to boost the local economy.

EC Mouldings imports your eco-friendly mouldings

EC Mouldings, a sister company of Cami, is a European importer of eco-friendly mouldings. These mouldings carry a certificate to confirm that they are sourced in an environmentally friendly way. Durian wood is very workable and robust. This makes it extremely suitable for use in the framing industry.

Eco-friendly from raw materials to finished mouldings 

The environmental efforts of EC Mouldings and Cami go much further than sustainable forestry. Even the finishing of your eco-friendly mouldings is 100% nature friendly. Because we paint your eco-friendly mouldings with water-based paint so that no harmful solvents are emitted. Find out more

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