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Optium Museum Acrylic - the very best picture framing glazing

Optium Museum Acrylic is a unique, anti-reflective acrylic. It's ideal for large framing jobs or for artwork that needs to travel often. It's a must for museums or art lovers who simply want the very best...

Combined advantages of anti-reflective glas & acrylic, and more... 

With a reflection of less than 1.6%, Optium sometimes seems invisible. This acrylic is scratch resistant, which is important for travellin art work. It has an anti-static coating, which makes it suitable for framing charcoal paintings. Optium filters 99% of the harmful UV-light, offering a maximum protection for all art.

Optium is suitable for oversize art & display cases 

Cami offers this product in full-size sheets or cut to size. In 3mm thickness up to 122x244cm, in 4.5mm up to 183x244cm and in 6mm up to 183x305cm. The thicker sheets can be used in display cases and to build complete walls in museums and galleries. For example, more than 100 works of art were framed in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam with Optium Museum Acrylic.

Cami is exclusive distributor in Belgium & Luxembourg 

We remain at your disposal for all technical questions you may have regarding this anti-reflective acrylic. Contact us today for more information.

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