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STAS picture hanging systems

Cami offers you even more innovation and hanging options by also offering you the complete range of STAS picture hanging systems:

  • STAS minirail: ultra thin hanging rail - 16 mm wide - elegant and extremely strong (up to 25 kg per linear metre)

  • STAS cliprail pro: ultra robust hanging rail (up to 45 kg per linear metre) - extendable to multirail

  • STAS cliprail max: fits seamlessly to the ceiling

  • STAS multirail: STAS cliprail pro with patented lighting system

  • STAS cliprail: budget-friendly option (up to 20 kg per linear metre)

  • STAS u-rail: ceiling mounting - ideal for offices with suspended ceilings (up to 20 kg per linear metre)

  • STAS u-rail multi: u-rail with STAS lighting system

  • STAS j-rail: traditional hanging system

  • STAS j-rail max: ultra strong j-rail for heavy picture frames (up to 45 kg or 100 kg)

  • STAS j-rail max security: j-rail max with theft prevention

  • STAS accessories, such as panel hooks, paper rails, magnetic hooks …

Discover our extensive range of STAS picture hanging systems and contact us for more information.

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