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Self-adhesive cardboard

Camistick: self-adhesive board for extra protection 

Posters, prints, photographs, documents: stick them onto self-adhesive board from the Camistick range for a sturdy result. This gives your customers' materials the rigid support they deserve and protection from damage while on display. And if you intend to frame them, self-adhesive board gives them that extra protective layer so they can effortlessly withstand the ravages of time.

Self-adhesive board for a limited budget 

Temporary exhibition? Display your work without warping or creases with Camistick self-adhesive board. Great results at low cost. Because self-adhesive board is the most budget-friendly choice in self-adhesive board. Do your customers want something different? Then opt for:

Order your self-adhesive board now 

Stock up with your Camistick self-adhesive board without delay. We'll cut your order to size and our delivery service guarantees a punctual delivery on a fixed day of the week. Urgent order? Use our 24-hour courier service. Place your order now for self-adhesive board.

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