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Self-adhesive mounting film

Do you prefer not to use self-adhesive cardboardfoamboardpolystyrene or sandwhich board as the base material for your customers' prints, posters or photographs? Then make you own self-adhesive board with self-adhesive cling film. You choose the base material - such as MDF, Dibond or Forex - and then instantly transform it into your ideal self-adhesive board.

Self-adhesive mounting film in sheets or rolls 

Permanent or temporary application? Self-adhesive cling film will give you an assured result on your favourite base material. Choose cling film per sheet or per roll. Do you prefer a ready-made self-adhesive board? Then choose from our range of self-adhesive boards:

Order your self-adhesive mounting film now 

Make your own self-adhesive board with self-adhesive cling film on your favourite base material. Order your sheets of self-adhesive cling film now or opt for a whole roll. Our delivery service guarantees a punctual delivery on the fixed week day for your region. Urgent order? No problem, our courier service will deliver on time. Place your order now for self-adhesive mounting film.

Discover our specialized mounting equipment.

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