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V-nailers or underpinners bring your frame together 

After you have cut your four moulding pieces with your saw or guillotine, it’s time to join them together to make your frame. Cami is your exclusive distributor of Alfamacchine frame assembly machines. We can therefore offer world leading joiners and underpinners with an unbeatable price-quality ratio! Your guarantee for extremely solid frames? Combine a good quality wood adhesive with the strength of ‘V-Nails’ – special wedges for your Alfamacchine joiner or underpinner.

Our range of joiners or underpinners

The silicone-coated V-Nails are extremely budget-friendly and therefore ideal for high production runs. You can also choose between various heights and sharpnesses for all types of wood. And you’ll be given a unique factory guarantee of one million wedges on the wear of your driver or hammer! Choose your preferred joiner or underpinner:

  • The Alfamacchine U200 is a basic foot-operated model. No compressor? Then combine your Alpha 1M-Super with a guillotine. This underpinner has all the main characteristics of a larger assembly machine, such as horizontal and vertical clamping of your mouldings and double locking for high precision joins.

  • The U300 (Minigraf 3) is the simplest, yet completely pneumatic joiner. It provides horizontal and vertical clamping of your mouldings. And this bench-top model is operated by a pneumatic foot pedal.

  • The Alfamacchine U400S (Minigraf 44) is the most popular pneumatic assembly machine. This underpinner staples your frames together in more than two positions at a time. It is also very easy to operate with its joystick. And, thanks to the pneumatic pressure that drives the staples into your frames, it is also suitable for hardwoods.

  • In the U400 (Minigraf 144), the staples are loaded into reusable magazines. This makes it easier and quicker to change them. The maximum frame width for this joiner is 200 mm. 

  • If you prefer an electronic underpinner with a computerized memory program, then the Alfamacchine U500 (Minigraf MP) is your ideal choice. This underpinner memorizes the data from all your frames. And this saves you vast amounts of time.

  • If you offer a custom framing service that involves cutting and assembling frames according to your customers’ requirements, then the Alfamacchine U600 (Minigraf MC) with its six staple magazines is just what you need. This underpinner is fully automated and programmable. Combined with the speed of the Multi Channel, this results in significant time savings.

Order your joiners or underpinners now 

In need of a joiner or underpinner to assemble your picture frames? Then ask our Cami experts for advice on the right machine for you. Make an appointment now.

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