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Cutters for all types of frame materials

With a Cami cutter, you can cut effortlessly all your framing materials to size: glass, acrylic, mountboard up to 4 mm, foamboard up to 10 mm, and MDF and hardboard up to 3 mm thick. Everything is possible. Furthermore, the Fletcher 3100 cutter renders all older types of cutters redundant, such as cardboard scissors or paper cutters with a rotating blade. At least, that's what our hundreds of satisfied picture framers in Belgium and Luxembourg tell us! 

Fletcher 3100: compact cutter

As it mounts to the wall, the Fletcher 3100 saves you lots of workshop space. Any type of board, or glass or acrylic sheet, can be easily and securely positioned for cutting. And it also comes with easily interchangeable cutting heads. The maximum cutting height is 160 cm. This allows you to cut large-sized board, such as Moorman museumboard.

Fletcher FSC cutter for sign making materials

Cutting substrate materials used in sign making is child's play with the specially developed Fletcher FSC. It is a robust cutter that can either be used free standing or mounted to the wall. With a maximum cutting height of 160 cm, you can easily and accurately cut foamboard up to 13 mm; aluminium composite materials, such as DIBOND, up to 4 mm; PVC sheets, such as FOREX, up to 10 mm; acrylic up to 7 mm; MDF up to 3 mm; and cardboard up to 5 mm thick. Cutting heads for glass up to 7 mm and aluminium up to 1 mm thick are available options.. 

Order your cutter now 

Cami offers you much more than a cutter. We enable you to cut all types of framing materials effortlessly and accurately. Make an appointment with our experts now.

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