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Self-adhesive board

Self-adhesive board

Self-adhesive board for a smooth and protected result

Whether you're a picture framer or photographer, you want to ensure that your customers' work looks and remains smooth, flat and crease-free. This can be achieved. How? With our self-adhesive board you can strengthen your posters, photographs and other work. It forms a solid base for your frame and provides extra protection. You can even hang the work on the wall without a frame.

Self-adhesive board in your favourite material

At Cami, we have a full range of self-adhesive board - and a delivery service. We have self-adhesive board to suit every need. You can choose exactly the right board for your application. Our experts will then cut it to size. You can choose from:

Easy to use self-adhesive board

It couldn't be easier to use self-adhesive board, as the adhesive is pressure sensitive at room temperature. You can either use an electric laminator or press it down by hand. Just follow these guidelines:



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