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Groothandel voor de inlijster

Frame Factory


A new look for our warehouse (April 2018)

What if we took the time to take a look at the history of our warehouse and at the works of the past year?

During the summer of 2004, we moved to our new warehouse in the Edward Vlietinckstraat in Ostend. A 14-year old building on a 7,500 m² terrain. In the time, the 2,000 m² of stocking space represented the double of our stock and we thought we'd have enough space for several generations...

However, thanks to your confidence in our company and thanks to the commitment of our team, Cami didn't stop growing. Furthermore, EC Mouldings, our sister-company since 2008, started to have a lack of space in 2017, a real first-world problem...

Therefore, we added 400 m² of extra stocking space last year, as well as 5 hangars to rent (270 m² each). We made use of these works to give our main building a new look: new facade, extra acces, brand new parking, etc.

We are pleased to show you the result on the pictures below.

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