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16.10.2013 | Royal Moorman Karton

At Moorman Karton, they won't be forgetting 2012 in a hurry. It was the year they celebrated their 100 year anniversary. But as the icing on the cake, since 24 August 2012, they have been able to add 'Royal' to their name! Now they are called Royal Moorman Karton. 

This recognition is very seldom awarded. A Dutch company has to satisfy many requirements in order to be able to carry the 'Royal' title. They must first be 100 years in existence, be wholly in Dutch hands, be financially stable, have at least 100 employees, manufacture a sufficiently important product or offer an important service, etc. Moorman had achieved all this, and could thereby add their name to a list of famous multinationals, such as Shell, KLM, Philips, etc. 

We would to take this opportunity to heartily congratulate the owners and staff of Moorman. We are proud that Cami has been a Moorman distributor in Belgium and Luxembourg since 1985.

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