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07.06.2004 | Cami buildings for sale...

The Cami buildings in the Steenbakkersstraat are for sale!
Is this the end of Cami ?
Will Cami go out of business ?

Not at all - on the contrary! We will invest big time! Following the success of the KI Collection (our newest moulding collection) and based on our plans for the future, we bought a much bigger warehouse in the industrial zone of Oostende. The total warehouse space goes from 950m² to 2000m². Furthermore we will have a large showroom, 9 offices and a meeting room. The total property is 7390m², allowing us to expand even more in the far future. The warehouse will have easy access and a large parking.

As you see: Cami fully believes in the future of our company and in the future of the picture framing business. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information:+32 59 70 86 66

Cami (Belgium) bvba
Edward Vlietinckstraat 8
8400 Oostende
Tel: +32 59 70 86 66
Fax: +32 59 80 68 67