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Layered museumboard in white, off-white or black

Art requires specialist protection. It has to last tens, even hundreds of years. A mountboard in layered museumboard is the only answer. It is the very best conservation board. It's no wonder that layered museumboard is also used to make acid-free archive boxes and photo albums. You can order your layered museumboard in three colours: white, off-white or black. At Moorman, you can also opt for softer shades: natural, ivory and cream.

Layered museumboard protects works of art layer by layer 

The structure of layered museumboard differs from standard mountboard. Layered museumboard is exactly that - it is made up of various layers. These layers are of equal thickness and colour. They are glued tightly together to form a thin mountboard. And what is your museumboard made of? It's made from alpha cellulose board (Royal Moorman Karton) or 100% cotton (Peterboro Matboards).

Order your layered museumboard now 

Museumboard is acid-free and chlorine-free and is available in various thicknesses. Choose from our range of leading international brands. Guaranteed quality of the highest standard. Ask Cami for more information.

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