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Are you looking for mountcutters to cut your mountboards to size for your picture frames? The Valiani and Fletcher ranges from Cami are just what you need. We offer you an extensive selection of the very best mountcutters on the market. Choose your favourite: a bench-top mountcutter from Fletcher or a computerized mountcutter for mass production from Valiani. We deliver in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Choose your preferred type of mountcutter

  • The Fletcher 2200 and Valiani Astra table-top mountcutters have a double cutting head of 45° and 90° on ball bearings. The Astra also has a steel cutting system and patented magnetic stops to improve efficiency and speed.
  • The Valiani MatPro mountcutter - the trendy and budget-friendly successor to the successful CMS - is a vertical mountcutter with floor stand or wall fittings. It has a wooden worktop with a very sturdy cutting system on ball bearings that is extremely durable. And cutting V-grooves, double and triple-layered mounts, multi-aperture mounts, etc., couldn't be easier. An optional end trimmer enables you to square and size the outside edge of your mounts. 
  • The Valiani Ultra mountcutter offers the picture framer the best value in terms of functionality and price. It cuts at 40°, 45° and 90°. And it can even draw and cut various shapes or write text with pens or markers. A recent hit in the Benelux!
  • The Valiani Future is a computerized mountcutter. You can cut all kinds of shapes: squares, circles, ovals and even CAD designs. With the Plus-is upgrade, you can work even faster: 600mm/s. This makes the Plus-is ideal for mass production.
  • The Supreme-iS is the lightweight version of the Valiani Future mountcutter. With the lighter motor, it offers the same capabilities but with 60% of the speed. This machine is also highly suitable for intensive use. 
  • The Libra has two interchangeable cutting heads and two workstations. With these two workstations, you can cut mountboard of up to 125x170cm or two sheets of 80x120cm. The two cutting heads of 40° and 90° enable you to cut the aperture and outside edge of your mounts in one single move. It comes with a vacuum-assisted worktop and an optional clamping system.
  • The Geminus-iV-mountcutter has a dual interchangeable cutting head and a vacuum-assisted worktop with optional clamping system. This unique combination ensures optimum speed and accuracy for mountboard of up to 125x190cm.
  • Mass producer? The computerized GTO-i mountcutter offers you the same capabilities as the Future but at a speed of 1600mm/s. This makes the GTO-i the fastest mountcutter in the world! You can opt for two workstations to increase your production speed even further. 
  • The Valiani Ellissomatec is a manual mountcutter for ovals and circles up to 45x65cm. It includes cutting heads of 45° and 90°, a glass cutting head and a pen holder. 
  • The Fletcher 1100 is a unique mountcutter for ovals. The patented system automatically centres the oval apertures in the mount. It cuts up to 61 cm and has cuttings heads of 45° and 90°, and includes a glass cutting head. Even without a pen holder, you can cut perfect V-grooves. Something that no other manual mountcutter for ovals can do!

Valiani mountcutters with interchangeable heads 

MatPro or pneumatic mountcutters always come with interchangeable cutting heads. Thanks to the patented magnetic system, you can also change them easily and quickly. Choose the right cutting head for your mounts:

  • 40° cutting head for the finest detailed cutting
  • 45° cutting head for wide/thick mounts
  • 90° cutting head for straight cutting - inside and outside edges
  • embossing tool for mount decoration
  • MatStylus pen holder for drawing lines or decoration
  • 45° reverse cutting head to cut the rear surface and for foamboard up to 5 mm
  • 90° foam cutting head for straight cutting in foamboard up to 5 mm

Order your mountcutter now 

Cami is the most experienced supplier for mountcutters in the Benelux! You can choose from a wide range of machines from two leading brands. Make your appointment with our experts now.

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