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Only the best is good enough. So you can be sure to work safely and efficiently with our quality brands and ensure your customers a high quality end result. Saw or chop your mouldings at the right length with a saw from Omga, Alfamacchine & Brevetti or a guillotine from Valiani/Morso.

Electric saw or manual guillotine? You choose!

  • The electrical Omga T55-300 SACA-saw is ideal for all types of wood frames. It has pneumatic clamps, a standard dust extraction system, a saw blade with 96 teeth and a blade guard. Safety first!
  • Brevetti Prisma saw is suitable for every picture framer. This machine is extremely user-friendly and delivers excellent results. An optional out-feed extension for mouldings of up to 300 cm or longer.
  • Do you produce large quantities of frames or mouldings? Then opt for an electric saw with a double saw blade. With the Alfa T400, the saw blades move simultaneously and vertically for faster cutting – up to 600 cuts per hour.
  • The Valiani V-110 is a foot-operated manual guillotine. So you don’t need a compressor. This machine works noiselessly and produces minimal dust. It comes as standard with a right-hand extension up to 100 cm – with measuring scale up to 150 cm – and a dust chute. It also has an optional 77 cm left-hand extension and an additional 53 cm right-hand extension. Maximum frame sizes? 100 mm wide and 160 mm high.

Order your saws or guillotines now 

Do you make custom frames or mouldings? Then a high quality saw or guillotine is a must. Ask our experts for advice on the right one for you. Make an appointment now.

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